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Slow motion has been a vital cinematic tool since the infancy of the art form at the turn of 20th century, giving audiences a previously-unfathomable ability to get a preternatural glimpse at life in all its beauty — or horror. As Vox explains, filmmakers would often "overcrank" or "undercrank" their cameras to make things seem slower or faster, respectively. Leading filmmakers of the s and s were quick to recognize the power of slow motion, with French silent filmmaker Jean Epstein whose film " Fall of the House of Usher " helped pioneer the form remarking : "Slow motion really brings a new set of possibilities to dramaturgy. Its ability to dismantle feelings to enhance drama surpasses all the other known tragic modes. Since then, slow motion has become a mainstay of both Hollywood and international cinema.
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Slow motion

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Slow motion - Wikipedia

Slow motion commonly abbreviated as slo-mo or slow-mo is an effect in film-making whereby time appears to be slowed down. It was invented by the Austrian priest August Musger in the early 20th century. This can be accomplished through the use of high-speed cameras and then playing the footage produced by such cameras at a normal rate like 30 fps , or in post production through the use of software. Typically this style is achieved when each film frame is captured at a rate much faster than it will be played back. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving more slowly.
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Setting the Slow Motion Recording (XF705)

Slow motion can be achieved by playing a normal footage at a slower speed through specific video editing software, this technique is often applied to a video subject on instant replay. An Austrian priest named August Musger first invented the original concept of slowing down a video, also known as slow motion, in the early 20th Century. This video editing type has been widely used in modern filmmaking. Content creators apply this style to recapture key sports moments of all kinds of athletic activities, or to film natural phenomena such as lightning and rain falling. However, nowadays slowing down a video is far easier than stressing over complex filming styles.
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Whatever happened to bullet time? Max Payne was the first game to popularise slow-mo, but Max Payne 2 was commercially disappointing enough to put the series on hold for nine years. Bullet time gradually faded as the go-to idea for every third-person shooter.
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