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If you're a shih tzu parent, you already love your little ball of fur. They are likely full of energy, show tons of personality, and have a knack for cuddling. In fact, they're probably the king or queen of the castle—and that's not just because of their attitude. That's partly why their long, luxurious, and silky-smooth coats could remind you of the robes of royalty.
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Adorable Video Shows Stray Dog Transformation After Shaving 6 Pounds of Matted Fur

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22 Cute Shih Poo Haircut Ideas - All The Different Types and Styles

For centuries, Shih Tzus were popular companion dogs among Chinese Nobility and later on, European royalty. This was due to their convenient lap dog build, adorable aesthetics, and loveable personality traits. Today, Shih Tzus are just as popular with their stuffed animal aesthetic making them some of the most sought after dog breeds. If you are interested in getting a Shih Tzu, one of the most important things for you to learn is how to take care of them, especially when it comes to grooming practices. From coat care guides to tips on how to ensure oral hygiene for your Shih Tzu, we have compiled all the tips and tricks that you need to know for proper Shih Tzu care as a beginner. The best way to ensure your DIY home Shih Tzu grooming is effective is by investing in the right tools for the job. Here are 6 must-have items in your at-home grooming kit for a beautiful and well-groomed Shih Tzu.
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How To Groom A Shih Tzu?

Which Shih Tzu haircut would make your dog look most adorable? Find out which style your pup can try next. Finally, it will help you figure out how to decide on which haircut to go with for your puppy. The full shave is also known as the Summer Cut.
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These little dogs can have several different coat types, depending on which parent dog the individual puppy most takes after. Some Shih Poos have curly coats like their Poodle parent, whereas others have a straighter coat like their Shih Tzu parent or a mixture of both coat types, ending up with wavy fur. Since the Poodle is a singled-coated, light-shedding breed, most Poodle crossbreeds are considered to be hypoallergenic and are, therefore, popular with allergy sufferers. That said, you still need to brush your dog every day to prevent matting. For that reason, many Shih Poo owners choose to have their dogs clipped regularly.
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